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Re: No News, No Nothing!!

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Thankfully, I have a sense of self worth and I don't have to read other people's thoughts on a movie to formulate my own opinion. So an appeal to populism isn't going to sway me.
Well bully for you. Here's the thing, since you're such an individual it'd probably behoove you not to pretend that your individual opinion translates to the wider audience.

As for the box office figures? So what? Back when STII came out you could get into a movie theater and with snacks under five dollars. Now you can't get into a movie theater without breaking at least two twenties.
Star Trek (2009) was the highest-grossing Star Trek feature to date, even when adjusted for inflation.

As for the proposition that there should be more promotional material out for Trek, it's still quite a ways off. 'Man of Steel' just got a teaser a month ago and it's a way bigger deal than Trek. I'm sure we'll see a teaser in the next few months.
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