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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Great movie. And confined films always benefit from a smart director like Lumet. Polanski's recent film Carnage attempts the same thing, and is mostly successful. For a confined film that fails to arouse much of visual interest, see The Man From Earth -- great premise, unmemorable presentation.

121. Frenzy (B)

Frenzy: I fully expected this to be terrible, and was pleasantly surprised to discover it to be a decent thriller, and a darker and more violent one than anything else in Hitchcock's filmography. Ron Goodwin's score is, at times, a bit over the top (it seems more interested in heralding Hitchcock's grand return to England than setting a proper tone in the main titles, for example) and there's some clumsy exposition (the opening scene with the crowd prepared me for the worst, but the film improves from there), but it's often tense and also filled with a welcome sense of (dark) humor. It seems like a deliberate decision that the main character is so unlikable, but it does make it hard to root for him at times. The ending, though, is satisfying. Really, the only clumsy moment of plotting is when the main character's girlfriend goes into the killer's home -- even though she should already have a place to stay with the people harboring her boyfriend. It's hard to deny the power of the long tracking shot that caps the scene, though.

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