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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Admit I'm not a programmer, and certainly wouldn't expect them to retrofit it to a ton of things, but as part of the FE design? maybe i'm over-simplifying it, but was thinking more like how the transwarp gate to Borg space works; doesn't work until you reach level (whatever. 40 maybe?). Was thinking along the lines of a trigger that locks DS9 once you finish abandoning DS9, and then doesn't turn it back on until you retake the station.
Yeah, that'd be easier. It would break all kinds of other missions that involve DS9 that people might want to do in between, so it'd be a decision not entered into lightly, but it'd be a lot easier technically than phasing.

Does bring up another question, though: updating the STO year/date. How much retrofitting has to happen now to move the date forward, stop the Klingon war, etc? Maybe there's a way to skip around it, so you still experience all that when you start out, but for people at end-game levels, it is just no longer a factor? Lots of stuff tied to that, and makes sense as a static game, but they can't stay like that and move the story along. eventually , we NEED to move forward, or just wring the rest of the money out of the game and call it a day...
Basically it'd be the same effort as writing all of that content in the first place. So, a couple of years for the full team, working 7 day weeks at long hours, including the people who've moved on to other projects within the company.

That's why Blizzard charges $60 for that kind of change, and only does it every couple of years. Cryptic doesn't have anything resembling their level of resources. Plus even Blizzard has only retrofitted changes to an entire old world once; it requires redoing EVERYTHING, and many players will never even experience most of the work, having already done the early content.

The view is that when a new player starts the game, he is in 2409. As he progresses, things change. The war cools, although it's not over.

In higher content, the story can progress. Season 7 is mostly a new zone full of new content, so that's where they'd most easily do 2410 or 2411 content; but if you want to go back and do the old stuff, you'd doing 2409 content. It's just too small a team, even at 40, to spend time redoing already-done work instead of new work, except a mission at a time for a special event.

I would like to see more progression in the storyline, but not removal of the old; they should move forward with VA missions that advance the storyline of a cease fire and eventually cooperation, with new content being cross-faction not just in the sense of "both sides can do this", but in the sense of "both sides can team with each other for this", with mission briefs being offered by two NPCs working together, one from each faction.
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