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Re: Crossover with other franchises?

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Bullshit. And Christopher, you just attacked ME, by categorizing my profound distaste for a hack author ruining a classic as a "hatefest." Trust me, what I said is MILD in comparison to what others have said.
You used the line "it's obvious that the quality is meant to completely spread metaphorical solid organic human waste material all over the original creator's work". How is that not a "hatefest"?

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You've just lost a reader. Congratulations. And it's nothing to do with your writing. It's because you're being a jerk. And I wouldn't be so proud of an endorsement by KJA. He can churn out quantity, definitely. Too bad not much of it is quality.
You don't find this statement a little out of hand? Someone politely defended a person who, as a multiple New York Times best selling author, gave him an endorsement, and therefore he loses you as a reader?

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My pet peeve, as you call it, is with people who decide to write in another individual's original universe without respecting the in-universe rules that individual created or, if they change the rules, without doing so in a way that enhances the story.
You write fanfic. Crossover fanfic at that. I'm not sure how you feel you have any basis to judge others work. Not everyone hates those books as much as you do; they wouldn't still be selling so well if that was true. People say similar thing about the Star Wars prequels all the time, yet they make billions for George Lucas. A vocal group of fans on the Internet does not mean everyone has a unified opinion on a subject. It that were true the Star Wars prequel trilogy would have ended with Phantom Menace bombing out at the theatre, Firefly would be back on the air, the Dune books would have ended with House Atreides as a massive failure, Ron Paul would be president, JJ Abrams Star Trek movie would have been a massive failure, etc etc.

That being the case, if you dislike something so much, just avoid it. Why do you feel the need to attack others for reading them or accidentally making a reference to them?

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Clear enough? You were operating under misinformation, which I corrected. You perceived that as an "attack" on a fellow author, who is more than capable of standing up for himself. Then you attacked me.
So because an someone is capable of defending themselves, that makes it ok to insult them? Do you do this in person too?

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As for "derailing the thread" - you're not a moderator here, and kindly refrain from dictating to me which facets of crossovers and writing in somebody else's universe I choose to discuss.
It doesn't take a moderator to point out you are behaving inappropriately.

Why not create a Dune thread over in the "Miscellaneous" part of the board to discuss it? I would love to discuss the issue with you there if you are willing to be a bit more civil in your discourse.
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