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Re: Is the Federation a True Democracy? And How Did It Reach That Poin

All the above suggests there are voting blocks or political parties of some sort. But even parties are unfair, as they may represent their members well on one issue but fail to do so on another. This is easily solved by the voters voting for the party that gives the best representation - but only if they can hop from party to party in real time, choosing the best party for each new issue at hand.

It is possible that the Federation populance democratically votes on issues, leaving the representatives out of job. Or this particular job, at any rate. We have never seen Council Members vote on anything, I think. (A bunch of Ambassadors were fuzzily related to the voting process in "Journey to Babel", but we never quite learned what was going on there and whether this had anything to do with regular UFP governing procedures.)

But if the UFP is a representative democracy, then it is pretty likely that the representatives act as a sanity filter of sorts: they may listen to the popular vote, and then choose how to pass it on. The real question then goes, do Bajoran representatives only listen to the Bajoran popular vote, or do all representatives bow to the UFP-wide popular vote? The latter would make quite a bit of sense: Bajor sends in five representatives for its five billion people, not to get five Bajoran votes, but to get five Bajoran-minded people to process the popular vote as they best see fit. Muscae Minor sends in one representative for the same purpose, while Ursa Major sends twelve.

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