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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


That was a fun opener: death, destruction, danger…Kazon. The Kazon attack again and a crew member died. Chakotay tells Janeway that they have to relax on Star Fleet rules and regulations and implement more Marquis-like tactics if they are going to avoid being destroyed by the Kazon.

After the memorial service a crew member goes to Janeway and argues that they should just give the Kazon a replicator and the items they want. That was just plain dumb, and he just pissed Janeway off. Then while she was still fuming Chakotay proposed that she make a pact with one of the Kazon’s other enemies in an attempt to lessen their power against them. Janeway, in my opinion, a smart move, went to Tuvok to get his opinion. Tuvok also agreed that Chakotay’s position was viable. He made a good point that the alliance would only be temporary until they were out of Kazon space. Luckily, Neelix had a friend in one of the Kazon fractions that he could speak with and Janeway decided to try and contact Seska for an alliance. I felt like that was a bad idea since Seska had already back-stabbed the Voyager crew already. She is not trust-worthy and I feel that it was out-of-character for Janeway to go to her without much thought when they had not tried Neelix’s contact yet.

Neelix’s encounter did not go so well. He was thrown into jail in a cave with many others. Eventually, the group overthrew their jail members took some ships and met up with the Voyager. The other inhabitants of the jail, the Trabe, explained their back history and Janeway suggested that their convoy and the Voyager team up together while they travel. Back on the ship, B’Elanna verbally lambastes a crew member, Hogan, who began to question Janeway’s competency. Unfortunately, Hogan secretly called Seska’s ship and offered to aid them himself.

Seska talks Culluh into uniting the Kazon fractions in order to gain power and take over the Voyager. We also find out that Seska and Culluh are having a baby! While in a meeting with the Kazon the Trabe tried to assassinate the Kazon leadership. Janeway figured out what was occurring and gave a warning before beaming out. I kind of feel like Janeway should have had the Kazon beamed out to in order to show that she was not behind the attack. I realize that the whole episode was done so Janeway could give her “we need rules and regulations” speech at the end, but I feel that many parts of the episode were badly executed. I think that they made a mistake with contacting Seska and another mistake when they did not beam the Kazon out of the meeting or at least blow up the attacking ship rather than firing a few shots at it.

Least favorite part: When Janeway so quickly and willingly met with Seska without even considering if she could be trusted.
Favorite part: Tuvok: “A visionary named Spock…”
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