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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

We can go as much, or as little, into it as you like, but in general, the storyline for this game hasn't moved much since the initial launch. Couple of the FEs started to move things a little, but they backed off of those (from a 'weekly', to 3-4 a year, to taking more than a year off, to getting one and then telling us it'll be another year for the next one).

Focus has been systems over substance, and not always actually finishing that system before moving on.

Feeling more and more negative about this game, which is disappointing considering how excited I was to start it. They tell us they doubled the team, but things aren't coming out any faster, and they still use the small/limited staff excuse, so it doesn't appear to have helped. Instead, we're offered more lock boxes and exciting opportunities to buy $25 ship skins. Maybe one of the guys doing the artwork there could spend 5 minutes and fix the 700-day vet reward before someone earns the 1000-day?

Just feel like instead of moving things forward and innovating in the game a bit, we're being offered shiny distractions to keep us from noticing that they AREN'T moving forward. That's where the deck chair comment comes from.

They focus on systems, but for all the effort that takes, it doesn't distract for long, and they don't appear to take much in the way of feedback or Tribble testing into account anyway. Used to be a more excited team, they'd tell us what's going on, what they're working on, etc. They've now deleted the calendar, don't tell us much of anything (to keep the disappointment down when they drop things), and when they're not ignoring the feedback, they're telling us we're wrong (STF drops)

When they are employing a writer to develop stories, where are the stories? When there was a 1+ year drought, why wasn't there a backlog of that person's work they could feed us after? If they doubled the team, why not more people working on mission content?

Thing's just gone from a fun game to an Asian grindfest. Thus far, though, they've stayed pretty repetitive with what we can do to grind, and whent you get the end-game toys, there's nothing to do with them anyway.

Glad PWE's making money at the moment, but unsure of how long they can keep it up. They've wrung most of the fun out of the game, and whole focus is on the micro-transactions from the F2P players now. they got a big boost by going from P2P to F2P, but they've now worked on burning those folks out by sticking with systems and grinding (the one FE is pretty much the only story mission that's come out since they joined in January). What's the NEXT big push to spark people up again? Can't keep beating us with the lock boxes forever...

Looking forward to the next two seasons, as they appear to be promising a return to actually giving us missions to do. We'll see how much of that comes to fruition. Would be nice if they started to change things up more, rather than just tweaks. Move the calendar forward a year. End some of the little conflicts (Fed vs. klingon war should be turned off by the time you reach level 50 in favor of the Brog/Udine issues). Focus on the new threats, have the universe changed to reflect the reality from the FEs rather than everything being a one-off with a reset button. During the DS9 FE was a good example. They abandoned DS9 and set up a temp base on Bajor. Didn't force the player out of the zone until the next mission, though. Why set up the bajor base and then not have you use it? Can't have been too hard to have an on/off switch based on stories completed...
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