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Re: DCAU appreciation

I also have the movies Mask of the Phantasm, The Mystery of the Batwoman and Return of the Joker, so as far as I know, I'm only missing Sub-Zero out of what's available. (Are there any episodes of Static Shock or The Zeta Project available? Netflix? YouTube?) BTW, does anyone know where these movies fit into the shows continuty?
Off the top of my head, Static Shock takes place around the same time as Justice Leage (because they were produced at the same time) and The Zeta Project is a spin-off of an episode of Batman Beyond, so that show takes place alongside BB.

They're definitely both in the continuity of the other shows as Zeta came back on BB, sporting his new look and with Ro in tagging along (bit of a sideways reference but his "ancestor" also showed up on JL & JLU.) Likewise old Static appeared in JLU, alongside Terry and old Bruce. There were also a number of crossovers within those two shows, so continuity is pretty tight.
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