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DCAU appreciation

I finally finished the heavy lifting in completing my DCAU DVD collection. I sort of went in reverse-- I got Batman Beyond and Justice League first, then Superman, and now finally, Batman the Animated Series. I was waiting for the right price, which I finally found when I bought all four volumes for $80.

I also have the movies Mask of the Phantasm, The Mystery of the Batwoman and Return of the Joker, so as far as I know, I'm only missing Sub-Zero out of what's available. (Are there any episodes of Static Shock or The Zeta Project available? Netflix? YouTube?) BTW, does anyone know where these movies fit into the shows continuty?

For the longest time, I've said that Batman Beyond was my favorite DCAU show. But given how long it's been since I've actually sat down and watched B:TAS, I am hearby revising my opinion. Batman: The Animated Series is the best super-hero television show ever. Period. Kevin Conroy, of course, is prolific throughout the DCAU, but that's not the same as being the sole starring voice of a show. I was actually reminded of how thoroughly Kevin Conroy owns this role ("I am vengence! I am the night! I am Batman!) and how quickly Mark Hamill's Joker could go from zany goofiness to lethal in a heartbeat ("He killed Captain Clown. He killed Captain Clown!"). Efram Zimbalist as Alfred is perfect ("That's odd. Only vampires loathe daylight more than Batman") and much better than Clive Revell's take from the first three episodes.

It's interesting going from watching Justice League and Batman Beyond, at one end of the DCAU, and then going back to the begining. The animation style changes a lot more than I realized. B:TAS is much darker and grittier than its spin-offs and off-shoots, despite obviously being a similar style.

Anyway, I'm already in the middle of a DCAU re-watch, having recently watched the first seasons of Batman Beyond and Justice League, and will occasionally post my thoughts here. Anyone who wants to talk about and expres their appreciation for the DCAU should feel free to do likewise.
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