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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Dont expect any more sales data for this set, at least not from any source that "we" can access.

The next 2nd week is out and its fell out of the top twenty (which is usually as much f the Blu-Ray side of thing that get published publicly on the internet.

Don't fret, if BLu-Ray tracks like DVD's you can expect 3 to 4 (some even go as high as 5-6 times) times those unit sales by the end of this calendar year.

AS for scale, yes I am a huge Scale fan. Seriously (I mean with CGI its just jacked that we still have scale issues), but the largest scale issue of TNG is that Regula model with a small NCC-1701 D in front of it (it has windows larger then the bridge, easily). And I really wish they would kill that one view (the other's not so bad), that one awful. At least when DS9 uses that same model, they doctor it so it isn't an exact duplicate of Regula (or even originally the flipped vertical orbital station in Motionless Picture).

But besides small (yet terribly annoying) bits like that, I have loved what I have seen. And can't wait to see what the extended cut of that episode is like (and of course very glad that original is also going to be there, which I did expect.
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