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TIL that my TV has the power to heal itself.

It's a pretty old CRT (10 years-ish) which had developed a persistent flicker that usually appears after it's on for a few minutes. Today, I turn it on and not a trace of flicker, despite it now being on for a couple of hours.

It's magic, I tells you!
While it's possible that some kind of internal aberration managed to correct itself, it's also possible that the malfunction is due to something eroding and at this point it momentarily "self corrected". But, it may crop up again before too long.

While quality brand CRT's were made extremely well and some have lasted multiple decades without much loss of color, they do eventually fail. If you're on a budget and not really in the market for a new TV, consider getting an older used flat screen TV. You might find yourself a terrific deal locally. The difference can be extraordinary, enough that you'll be wondering why you didn't bother to upgrade sooner.
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