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Re: Is the Federation a True Democracy? And How Did It Reach That Poin

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Why one member, one vote? If there are 10 billion humans but only 1 billion Andorians, why shouldn't the humans get 10 votes to the Andorians' one? One member, one vote hardly seems fair.
Well just look at the United Nations, America pays 22 percent of the budget, we have 4 percent of the world's population, and we only get one stinking vote in the general assembly? Of course we do receive our just rewards by having a veto in the security council, so actually the UN general assembly can really suck on it.

I wonder if the Federation's governing body also has something like the security council? Composed of the half dozen original members, plus a few temporary want-na-bees.
Might explain how worlds like Earth and Vulcan continue to be major power player even after adding another 150 plus members.

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