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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Rodwell's transfer is just ridiculous. That said, is he even any good, really? He's never had a chance to show it if he is, and he sure won't get it warming City's bench. Everton will be happy with the cash injection though.

Can't get my head around the League Cup starting before the league. Bizarre. The whole start to the season is screwed this year.

I agree with your table there aside from swapping Reading for Wigan going down. I almost think West Brom are going to struggle - since when do they stay up three years in a row? More likely to drop than Swansea, now I think of it. There's nothing radically wrong with Swansea (sadly). Honestly who predicts Wigan to be relegated anymore? It's almost as bad as predicting this to be Real Madrid's year in the Champions League

Forest might well be that low I'm afraid - not many crap teams this year. Only Milwall, Palace, Peterboro and Barnsley look weak compared to anyone else. No doubt Ipswich will do their usual and finish 15th as well.

I'm most interested in how the relegated sides do this year. Wolves were terrible last year and have a manager new to the country and league. Blackburn have bought loads of players but have a PR moron in charge. Bolton seem to have sold most of their best players but have Kevin Davies. Truly no idea who's going up this time, though I think we will be in the mix as ever. I like the look of our signings, and with another defender we'll have a solid squad, much moreso than last year.

Can't wait for Friday.
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