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Re: Is the Federation a True Democracy? And How Did It Reach That Poin

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They have a process to admit Planets into the Union, like the US has to add States.
Interesting thing there is, at least in Journey to Babel, it was ambassadors and delegates from the member homeworlds, and not the Council itself, that were making the decision as to whether to admit a new member.

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T'Girl wrote: View Post
The "President" could simply be the president of the council, appointed (elected) by the council itself ...
He is President of the state, not president of the legislature.
Sci wrote: View Post
R. Star wrote: View Post
"President" is just a word in the end.
Words have meanings. They have very specific meanings.
Okay, and now if the Council elected one of their own members to preside over the Council, that person would then be the "president."

Preside: To occupy the place of authority or control, as in an assembly or meeting; act as president or chairperson.

(That's the specific meaning of "preside.")

Thus, it continues to require fewer extra assumptions to hypothesize that the Federation President is a president rather than a prime minister who is called a president.
But here aren't you making the assumption that the Federation Council is a parliamentary assembly?

And why would someone elected (hypothetically) from the Federation Council to lead the Council be called Prime Minister, when there is (iirc) no indication that the members of the Federation Council are themselves called "ministers?"

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