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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

The departure of Malcolm and his staff made it on to the Shamasters forum, however all posts have been deleted by Joiner and the thread locked.

Am loving the complete lack of information and Stalinist manner in which this event is (isn't) being run. Even complaint posts on the DSTL facebook page went south overnight.

With Scott Bakula presumably having is Liberace film shooting soon (he's grown the 70's tache and sideburns), I can see him not being available for DSTL. Would give Joiner the perfect excuse. Patrick Stewart is also cancelling upcoming appearances as he has filming commitments.

Also, hilarious that after Joiner told Garrett Wang to go spit, the MD of Media 10 is on Twitter trying to tap up Bill Bailey to present the opening ceremony, yup, you know that thing that no will be able to get in to because Media 10 & Shamasters won't put the effing tickets on sale, and can't even seem to decide if they want to let the poor day ticket plebs in anyway.

Despite the fact I saw all this coming, you still couldn't make it up.
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