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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Question though for anyone who can answer: How is it possible, with everything the Federation and Starfleet has been through, for Captain Riker to have so many high ranking officers on his ship? I would think that with Commanders Vale, Tuvok, Troi, and Ra-Havreii, the powers that be would send one or two of them to another ship/station to serve. With the Borg devastation, aren't higher ranking officers needed desperately? Having so many in one place just seems like a waste of resources to me, though I may be way off. Looking through the character appendix at the back of the book, Riker even has quite a few lieutenant commanders serving with him. What am I missing?
Presumably the same reason Riker was able to stay first officer of Enterprise-E throughout the Dominion War, and Data and Geordi were never transferred either. I have never seen a satisfactory in-story explanation, just occasional references to "clout."
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