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Voice actors needed for spin off series.

Imagine if everything you knew was a lie. And those close to you were not what they seemed.

How far would you go to seek the truth? To what extremes would you keep a secret? And what lines would you cross to expose corruption?

After a devastating war, a group of survivors must come together to search where no one has gone before, and uncover a 4 billion year old mystery that could lead to insights into the answers we have has sought since the dawn of mankind.

This december catch the voyages of the starship Swiftwind as she embarks on a clandestine journey of discovery, revelation, enlightenment and deceit, whilst trying to prevent a deadly web of interstellar war unfolding as an ancient insidious enemy returns to control the galaxy.

This is an animated 5 season story with 10 x 20 minutes episodes per season. It has an overall story arc that will tie in the pilot and finale along with many episodes going back to previous story threads. It is going to be a bit different from the watered down family network shows(which I enjoyed- but wanted something a bit grittier). It will be darker than DS9 at times. It will explore the issues Voyager tackled (but then reset the button half way through the first season) and explore 2 different opposing crews working together. But it's not going to go down the lines of some cable shows with shock tactics to grab viewers. I believe the story is solid enough and there will be entertaining and interesting plot twists and eye openers. The characters will also be explored, a little delving into their pasts.And also some strong emotional confrontation as they interact with each other; expect mutiny and power play.

This may sound a lot different from the traditional format of Trek series, but I assure you it is still set in Gene's vision of the future whilst tackling the aspects DS9 opened up with the darker side of paradise. I don't want to watch anything that doesn't seem very Trekkian- is that a word? And I wouldn't expect any trekkies to either.

Well there's as much as I want to say about the show so far. I have 9 main characters I need to be played by people with a) a good voice and acting, and b) a good mic for recording.


Admiral Karmali Vrashan- A 54 year old highly driven, authoritative and devious Andorian woman with a lighter humorous side. She is deeply involved with Section31 and is keeping something from the crew.

Captain Henry Blixx is a 28 year old human. He's a consummate professional embroiled in a dark secret past he has yet to come to terms with.

Captain Inula Phwaana, a 38 year old Betazoid. A lonely broken down bitter woman who suffered betrayal at the hands of her superiors, until a dangerous crusade gives her a new zest for life again.

Lt. Frayda A happy 21 year old Benzite woman ahead of her game, friendly and too trusting.

Lieutenant Cara/Sito Jaxxa, a 24 year old Bajron woman who has had to hide her identity for several years after a bitter introduction to Section31. She is extremely driven and feels a need to constantly prove herself.

P’rin, a 26 year old Ferengi stowaway. She is a greedy, narcissistic, untrustworthy but brilliant engineer with a very sharp tongue.

Lt. Kal-Del- Miradorn - 26 A mercenary recruited by Starfleet to spy on his government after they signed a non aggression pact with the Dominion. He is cold, calculated and dangerous, but has a big heart for his close friends.

Lt. Digits, the surviving half of a pair of Bynars engineers. He is a passive aggressive personality not at all comfortable with being without his mate.

Lt.Commander Allan Thresher, a 44 year old human mixed Chinese/Australian. He's a devious and cunning man with a hidden agenda. He is an excellent officer and prepared to do the dirty work when needed. He bears a grudge at being passed up for promotion of the Swiftwind. He knows more about the mission than he let's on

Ensign Samantha Kudril, a 22 year old Indian born human. She is a keen and brilliant scientist. A little overwhelmed by the sudden change in her life and very opinionated when under stress.

Doctor Drexyl, a 102 year old Temporian. An exotic non humanoid member of the reclusive ground based Federation planet Tempus. He is forced away from his planet and into space after being blackmailed.

Well thats the crew. If anyone wants to audition for this show please email me at caithlindar @ rocketmail dot com and I will send some lines to be read. Thanks for reading.

This was formerly under the working title Star Trek: Ascension in case anyone remmebers me asking for help a few months back.
Star Trek Absolution episode 1

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