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Re: Robert e Howard,Edgar rice Burroughs & H.P.lovecraft comics & book

My favourite Lovecraft stories are "The Colour Out of Space" and "Rats in the Walls", but I have a hard time imagining the former as a movie - the specific idea of an unknown colour is part of the story's charm (and I feel it'd need to be padded out to film length, which is why Lovecraft's longer work is better suited).

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I also imagine Giger must be a Lovecraft fan
Giger had an artbook called the Necromonicon... so... yes.

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and Del Toro has said that he was concerned that a post-Prometheus Mountains movie would feel too similar to the Scott film.
Though Mountains was effectively scrapped a while before Prometheus, so it's quite an academic comparison. And Mountains - with its wintry Arctic secret city inspired (as Lovecraft repeatedly reminds us) by a Nicholas Roerich painting and elaborate history of the various terrible Old Ones - is sufficiently different and more narratively satisfying.
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