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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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I finished "Feast for Crows" last week and IMHO, it's the weakest of the series. IIRC, GRRM was originally going to make "Dance with Dragons" book 4 (the one I'm reading now), but he started doing so many flash-backs to tell the story, he wound up making an entire book of flashbacks leading up to it, which became AFfC. Several major POV characters are missing from this book, most notably Tyrian and Danerys, and much of the prose, especially in the beginning dealing with the insipid Iron Born is ponderous and repetitive. I suspect that, by the time we get to season 4, we'll be seeing heavy helpings of activity from both AFfC and ADwD, to make the stories flow better. So far, my favorite book is Storm of Swords, but Dragons is coming in at a close second for me now.

GRRM better hurry up with Winds of Winter and Dream of Spring before HBO catches up. Knowing how slow he writes, I would be concerned. Clock's-a-ticking...
Actually, Both AFFC and ADWD are mostly made up of events that were supposed to be skipped over. The story was supposed to pick up 5 years after the end of ASoS, giving time for things like Arya's training and Dany's education in queening to take place at a more realistic pace. It is part of why writing the books took so long, and why many characters seem to just spin their wheels for chapters on end.
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