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Re: Is the Federation a True Democracy? And How Did It Reach That Poin

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Actually, the President of the United States is not elected by the people either.
Yes, and the Electoral College is a horrible, undemocratic, and abusive institution that should have been abolished decades ago, along with Jim Crow, property requirements for voting, and state legislators picking Senators. It's absolutely not something a real democracy should copy.
We're not a democracy nor have we ever been. We are, however, a republic. In the Constitution of the United States there is no mention or the use of the word 'democracy'. There is the use of the word 'republic'.

We are a representative republic. We are not a democracy. Democracy is MOB RULE, and they never last long they usually slip into totalitarianism. I think the model of the Federation is along the lines of the United States, but with a set up like the United Nations. We have seen there is a President, and a Federation Council. They have a process to admit Planets into the Union, like the US has to add States. There seems to be a federal structure, where the Planets have self government like our states do. I think the UN structure and the Confederation of States, the system we had before the constitution is too loose a structure for the Federation to get anything done.

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