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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Yeah, that's ONE of their more obvious problems.

First off, can't really say they grew exponentially if they went from 20 to 40. Doubled? sure. Unless they meant in the several hundred range when they said "well over 40", then they aren't close.

Second, what you asked about. Doubled the staff, but still want to use the "we're a small team, weren't able to get to that" excuse, and they go to that well often. With a team double the size they had before, why aren't they able to at least keep up with their OLD output, if not beat it? And another obvious, related question: If they actually are paying someone to work on writing/story ideas, where are they? When they take a big chunk of time without releasing anything, why isn't there then a backlog of stuff they can release later? After a hiatus, should get a bunch of new stuff, not one thing and another excuse/hiatus.

They don't appear to be doing much writing, no one's on customer service (ever tried to resolve an issue?), have a hard time believing they're doing much bug fixing (how's that cloaking device bug that's been in there since launch coming?), and by what gets released, there can't be much testing going on. Everything is released to the test server and we do that for them, then they release it to holodeck buggy as hell. After we bitch, they focus on whatever we complained about the most. Seems to be the process.

So, what are all these people working on?

Maybe less focus on shiny objects, kewl new drops, and a little more on the actual GAME? Missions, storyline, events?

When little things, like making the 700-day android reward actually work as advertised, can't seem to be handled, not much faith in these guys, even at twice the manpower. That should have been fixed in an afternoon. Instead, it's been an embarrasment, and has dragged on to the point where people are close to getting the 1000-day reward without the 700-day being fixed yet.... And the story on that one is a revolving door of finger-pointing, blame, lies, and silence....
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