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Re: What games are you playing currently?

Played through Super Mario, no warp zones, one continue, Super Mario 2, all levels with Toad and no warps... I realized as a kid that I abused the shit out of warp zones, so I had to make good. Now I'm working on Super Mario RPG which I had never played before. So far pretty fun, but not exactly a challenging RPG.

On PC I'm working through some games I got during the Steam Summer Sale... Arkham City is totally awesome and getting most of my play time. Played through the first ep of The Walking Dead, fun, I'm holding off on the second ep for now though. Also started Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

Threw in Final Fantasy III on the DS as part of my quest to play through all the main Final Fantasy games.

And of course, there is always the odd round of MW3 thrown in for good measure and SC2 for my competitive online fix. My partner and I finally made Diamond League playing 100% cheese strategies. It was a long uphill climb. I don't think Master League is in the cards.
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