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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

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RJ Mitte is 19, and will be turning 20 this month.
Wha-at? No way. That's impossible. BB came on the air in 2008. He was 15 at the time, possibly a few months younger due to filming? Men don't mature physically that fast. He looked at least 20 then. He can't possibly be only 19 now. He looks 30. Does he smoke two packs a day? He looks like a grown man living in his parents' home.
Here is a picture of him from back in 2008:

He looks 15 to me.

Here is a picture of him in 2012:

It looks like he aged at least 5 years and increased his fitness, but he could be anywhere in his 20s in that picture. 19 isn't unreasonable. Keep in mind that lighting and make-up can have a big effect on how somebody appears.
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