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I started belly dancing a few years ago and loved it. Unfortunately, I injured my neck (yes, my neck ), and by the time I had finished physical therapy and was ready to return to class, the place had gone out of business.

Glad to hear you're feeling better by now, too.
I've been dancing for about 4 years, but as I got more unwell, it was more discipline than pleasure. And I can't remember when I last actually bothered to dress up properly beyond a leotard and tribal skirt. Finally last night I seriously enjoyed it!

I can recommend it though! Definitely contributes to the feeling better. (And thanks you!)

thestrangequark wrote: View Post
RevdKathy, you look fabulous! Have you been belly dancing long?
Thank you!

I've been dancing about 4 years. And I'm a tyrant to myself about practice. I think belly dance is particularly good for curves, and I'll never be anything but curvy.

Shanndee wrote: View Post
@ mentioned that you lost weight in the previous picture thread, and now I see how you did it! Well done, that pic is fabuloius!
Thank you. I am a real pain to myself about practice. The full size copy of that image made me realise that my full set of lower, middle and upper abs actually show! Which is slightly scary!

Bob the Skutter wrote: View Post
You look wonderful! Mind, you deserve to after the work you've put in.
Thank you
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