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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Man, I'm not sure what happened to We'll Always Have Paris. It started out promisingly enough with those cool time distortions, and some fun scenes of Picard fencing and visiting Paris on the Holodeck, and the great visual of the planetoid and pulsar....

But then the story just kind of grinds to a complete halt. Everyone spends the rest of the episode simply standing around, having a bunch of dull, uninteresting discussions where nothing much is really said, as the boring scientist guy drones on and on... and then finally Data beams down, seals the rupture, and the episode is over. Say huh?

It's pretty clear they just didn't have much of a story to work with here (apparently because of another writer's strike), and were simply padding things out as much as possible.

And the fact Stewart and Phillips had NO chemistry together whatsoever certainly didn't help. She was about as dull as can be (and yikes, what an ugly and unflattering costume).
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