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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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I would think when they get to Seasons 5-7, the remastering should be simpler, shouldn't it?
Yes, in fact. One major thing that should speed things up is the introduction of Eastman Kodak's KeyKode numbering system in late 1989 (3rd Season). It's a machine-readable barcoding printed on the edge of the film. To quote Kodak's website directly:

EASTMAN KEYKODE numbers are machine-readable bar codes on Eastman film stock that exactly replicate the human-readable key number. They are printed every half foot and include a reference dot that identifies the frame to which each number applies.

KEYKODE numbers, in concert with a "reader," a personal computer, and database software, make it possible to save significant amounts of time and money during postproduction.
So, in short, they can definitely speed up editing and assembly of these later season episodes by utilizing this system... as long as the TNG editors back in 1989 were using it, that is. I've heard that they may have not started using Keykode until possibly the 6th Season (late 1992).
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