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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

RJ Mitte is 19, and will be turning 20 this month.
Wha-at? No way. That's impossible. BB came on the air in 2008. He was 15 at the time, possibly a few months younger due to filming? Men don't mature physically that fast. He looked at least 20 then. He can't possibly be only 19 now. He looks 30. Does he smoke two packs a day? He looks like a grown man living in his parents' home.

Will Jesse kill Walt? At this point I wouldn't rule anything out. How Jesse and Walt's story ends should be the emotional core of the second half, so to speak. Will Jesse "break good"? He'd have to get out of drug dealing for that. There's got to be a point where Jesse's hit in the face with what a cold, ruthless mofo Walt has become and he's unable to hide in denial. I cannot see Jesse becoming a drug kingpin under any circumstance. He doesn't have it in him. He can't be a Gus or a Walter. He's not ruthless enough.

I can't decide if I want Walter to make one last, schmaltzy gesture towards Jesse (no, not giving him the finger ) as a last ditch attempt to not leave this life as a complete slimeball of a human being.

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