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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

The Watcher - DVD
Silver Bullet - free admission
Logan's Run (1976) - DVD
17 Again - DVD
Total Recall (2012) - free admission
The Queen of Versailles - free admission
Adventureland - DVD
The Campaign - free admission
Hope Springs - free admission
The Bourne Legacy - free admission
Killer Joe - free admission
The Odd Life of Timothy Green - free screenin'

Went to my first free advanced screenin' in awhile tonight, mostly 'cause I had the night off & it was held at Drafthouse, the theater chain I work for, so my employee discount could be applied to the tab.

The latest live action movie from Disney is a pretty sweet story. A couple unable to have children of their own put all their hopes for a child down on paper & bury the notes in their garden. That night, a ten year old boy arrives in their house, with leaves growin' around his ankles.

As each thing on the list is realized, a leaf falls from Timothy's legs and the couple learns what it means to become a family.

Quite a few solid performers in relatively minor roles throughout the film. I especially liked David Morse's "Big Jim" and the little bit of redemption his character gets towards the end.

Decided not go into downtown tonight, so I missed Dave Chappelle's Block Party at the Ritz. Ah, well...I can always rent it some time.
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