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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Finally got around to Haven and heard the audio issues first hand. Amazing that got by them before it left the warehouse.

That being said, I'd forgotten how much I liked this episode. Yes some of the acting, particular the back and forth between Wyatt and Troi, was a little awkward (although maybe that was the point), but overall I found myself really enjoying it. The scene at the dinner table was really great, and I picked up on things I'd forgotten about or were previously blurry in the background, in particular Data standing next to Homm and his funny expressions. Classic scene right there. People knock Lwaxana but I think she's really great, especially her interaction with Picard

This episode also has one of the best lines in the series: "Thank you for the drinks." Riker's expression is priceless.
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