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Re: Currently working through the missing episode audios...


I managed to listen to the story the entire way through. I still find the early episodes extremely dull and in the whole scheme of things largely superfluous. That said, I do have a new found appreciation of certain elements, and enjoyed episode 5 now more than I did. The final two episodes however are still stunningly good.


Based on the surviving episode, I'd always had a soft spot for this serial. It felt quite good, the isolated base under siege saga isn't new but being in a 1930s monastery in Tibet adds a new flavour to it... even if it was a Welsh countryside.

But the rest of the missing serial is decidedly average. Victoria is bizarrely written, with her eager to get out there and explore, especially in the cave towards the end of episode one, when suddenly she doesn't want to go in and becomes all hysterical. The Yeti don't actually do much in this story, except walk up and down the mountain a few times. Another story which would probably have worked better as a four-parter.

Pity episode six is missing, I'd love to have seen part of the Himalayas explode.

Might as well stay with the Yeti theme and hear a story I know next to nothing about...
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