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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

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I have to admit I'll be annoyed if they do something as cliched as having the apprentice kill the master. If Jesse were to shoot Walt, it would work thematically but everyone would see it coming a mile away. For Breaking Bad to truly end on a fantastic note, the ending not only needs to be satisfying ... but unpredictable.
I don't agree. We all knew that in order for Walt to keep breaking bad & go farther down that dark road, Gus had to die & Walt would be the guy to do it

And that's what happened. Was that predictable? I suppose so. Was it awesome? You bet your ass it was

Besides, Jesse was never Walt's apprentice. He is his foil, & he was his accomplice. In fact, Walt chose Jesse because Jesse had more experience in drug dealing. I actually hope it isn't as simple as a shootout though
I still think Walter foiling himself would be better poetic justice than having Jesse off him. If they had wanted to play that card, they should have addressed it earlier somehow. And at this point, bringing the old Broc thing into the mix would be a little too farfetched given how efficiently Walter disposed of that evidence.

I will grant you that whatever ending they choose should be exciting as hell and awesome, but Breaking Bad has made a habit of doing what makes sense rather than doing what people want. I would like to see the writers and producers continue this trend to the end.
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