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Re: Re-watching Babylon 5 (* SPOILERS *)

One thing I like is how the issues and evils of racism often pollute and destroy societies in Babylon 5. The Centauri celebrate destroying the Xon, the Markab accelerate their destruction because they view contact with aliens destructive but end up making the plague easier to spread amongst themselves. Almost all the races of Babylon 5 have segments espousing some form of seperatism, while G'Kar's philosophy of being one, and how if we deny the other we deny ourselves, is set up as the moral counter weight to that separatism. Looking then at the genetic herding done by the Vorlons and Shadows, their goals are equally ugly and and should 'get the hell out of our galaxy.'

Thanks for the details about earlier seasons, Jan. For me, the telepath arc was given sympathetic characters that we could view things through in the first few seasons. Also, Talia and Lyta were, while not completely accepted being Psicorp, were not rejected by the crew, either. Byron's group wasn't really given that chance, and most of the speaking was done by him and a lot of his speeches were too self pitying. Having Lyta fall into it and her and the station crew be suddenly on the outs with each other just didn't fly right as a story for me.
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