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Re: Star Trek Continues - First Vignette Released

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So now I'm unclear on whether your comment was intentional or inadvertent. Frankly, I don't much care. But please do not respond to perceived inappropriateness with retaliatory inappropriateness. The "he started it" strategy will not win you any points among the moderating staff.
Look, I apologized, what more do you want? If you want me to explain the Ajax comment, here's what was going through my head when I made it...

Because there hasn't been much news on the Ajax front, I thought that instead of JtB spending time on the forums calling people trolls, he should be spending more time giving us updates about Ajax. It wasn't meant to be an attack, just a prod about the lack of news and yes, it was in response to his comment.

I can't believe you picked out one line to chastise me and yet ignored the rest of my post in which I attempted to apologize. I'm not trying to win any points with the moderating staff but in my opinion, don't you think you are fanning the flames a bit? I apologized...why take it further?
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