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Re: Re-watching Babylon 5 (* SPOILERS *)

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^Sure, but that's because they didn't *do* anything other than hold hands and not want to die, plus we actually got to hear some of what the Psi Corps had done to them.

Byron's lot just swanned around acting like broody teenagers who have just discovered Edgar Allen Poe and the colour black. I can see why some people had difficulty sympathising with them.
That and through Byron's dialogue we got the racist separatism that Psicorp was teaching. Byron, and I think the rest of his gang, were all Corp escapees. The first underground were a lot of folks who'd not joined and were avoiding it all together. They weren't high lighted as a group of supermen, but as a persecuted minority. Byron's group were a batch of the Aryan supermen now calling themselves persecuted, but were (Byron, at least) one of the elite knocked of his high perch and wanted a new place from which to call every one else inferior.
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