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Re: Phase II "Going Boldly" (new vignette)

Redfern wrote: View Post
Since you're here, I'm gonna' take the opportunity to ask this.

Since your team has graced us with an impressively screen accurate ("cel accurate"?) Lt. Arex complete with three arms, is there any chance we may eventually see a brief "walk on" of Lt. M'Ress (or should that be a "prowl on"?), be it prosthetics, CGI, puppetry, trained cats, whatever in some future production?


Three arms *and* three legs (and three fingers on each hand) on Lieutenant Arex!

Oh, we'll probably see Lieutenant M'Ress at some point. But that's just kind of gimmicky (although we're not above using gimmicks). It would probably just be a quick scene in passing--much like we did with Arex.

Actually, I've toyed with doing something less overt: I've written a scene with Uhura--where she reports to her communications station--and the first thing she does before sitting down to work is she takes out a lint roller and picks up all the cat fur and dander that M'Ress has shed all over the chair and console. So we might hint at M'Ress instead of actually seeing her. (Maybe it'll become one of those running gags--where everyone talks about her, but we never actually see her.)
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