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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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As much as I don't care about this show, it being mired in the PT and all
Give it a shot. They've rewritten/expanded upon the most objectionable parts of the PT (Anakin being a dumb nasty punk, the politics being dull and uninvolving, etc). They dont spend much time with Jar-Jar and his idiocies, and they've added characters whose fates are unknown, and therefore provide some dramatic tension, Ahsoka foremost among them.

And theyve added some sense of magic and mystery to the whole handwaving aspect of the Force, Chosen One, etc, that was entirely lacking in the movies, which is vital since thats the part that distinguishes Star Wars from other space opera franchises and gives it a unique tone. Basically, TCW is how the movies should have been done.

Lucas is fine with the basic ideas, but the results are always so much better when he has collaborators who can work with him as equals, rather than being surrounded by toadies and yes men who wont tell him when his storytelling, direction and casting choices suck. TCW is good for the same reason ESB was good - Lucas has gotten himself some competent help.

And at this point, the help could keep going on their own steam and let Lucas retire.
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