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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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I'm still hoping against all hope that we might finally get a Dick Grayson Batman. I'm thinking this is never going to happen though.
If the Batman Unlimited line is a hit, I would imagine they would get around to a Grayson Batman eventually. The big issue is how you would differentiate him. DCUC and related lines use a buck system, and thus, there are fewer sculpted details that would tell you this is Grayson. I guess for starters they could put him on the thinner body that they use for Deadman, Sinestro, etc. Maybe a headsculpt with a smile would go a long way. They're not going to perfectly mimic Frank Quietly's art, or something like that. That's just not the way Mattel rolls. I really hope they get us a Damian, too. I just don't know which body they would use. All of the kid size bucks are still way too buff.
They could always do one with the cowl pulled back. Of course...even with that he still looks like Bruce. I've always found it funny that ALL of the men in the Bat Family have black hair and blue eyes. They all essentially look the same (throw in Captain Marvel and Superman/Superboy and they could all essentially be clones of the same guy).
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