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Valiant Comics 3.0 edition

Before my big purge of comic buying some time early next year I'm going to be sampling the third reinvention of the Valiant Comics Universe. I've not noticed anyone else name drop the titles in our other threads so here goes.

Valiant Universe(1.0) was first started in 1989 and saw the flagship titles reach into the 50's. The longest running being X-O Man of War which went 68 issues not counting annuals.
The universe suffered the same mid 90s implosion and ended.

The Valiant Universe(2.0) brought back as part of Acclaim Entertainment in 1996. Acclaim was mostly interested in licensing the lead characters for video games in which Shadowman and Turok sold well. This lasted until 2002 when Acclaim then went bankrupt.

The characters were tied up in legal and some of the core characters were licensed anyway such as Solar, Magnus and Turok and those went back to the owners.

Dark Horse Comics had a pseudo-Valiant revival with these characters two years ago. A sort of Valiant Universe 2.5 if you will. That's how I see it anyway. This lasted less than a year.

Now new investors under the banner of Valiant Entertainment have relaunched the Valiant Universe, the 3.0 era.
Valiant Entertainment will begin publishing four new monthly comic books based on the Valiant Comics universe of characters, in mid-2012, in what they have termed "The Summer of Valiant". X-O Manowar is their first title, debuting on May 2, 2012, writer Robert Venditti and artist Cary Nord. The following titles include Harbinger in June 2012 by writer Joshua Dysart and artist Khari Evans, Bloodshot in July 2012 by writer Duane Swierczynski and Archer & Armstrong in August 2012 by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Clayton Henry.
Wave One of the relaunch included the following 4 books:
X-O Man of War
Archer & Armstrong

So far the only known Wave Two book is:

I'm hoping Shadowman is part of wave two.

I've really enjoyed the X-O relaunch, which is up to issue #3. Thus far this is the one title that feels mined from the original with minimal updating.

My second favorite is Bloodshot followed by Archer&Armstrong then sadly Harbinger which I wanted to be able to say otherwise. I think the set up in A&A could lead to some great stories as they are foreshadowing Ivar(the Time Traveler) and Gilam's(the Eternal Warrior) return eventually. Seems to be a master plan in place they intend to stitch together for us but still X-O is my top read.

Has anyone else picked these up? Are you trade waiting? At any rate for the comic set on these boards wanted to see what your thoughts were.
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