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Re: Phase II "Going Boldly" (new vignette)

No, you're pretty much right on the money. We had planned to do a switch to a Phase II Enterprise back about the time of the "new" JJ Abrams movie. After it premiered, it was our sense that there was a greater desire on fans' part to continue to see the old TOS Enterprise. Any itch fans had to see a new Enterprise was being scratched by JJ; we didn't need to do the same thing ourselves. So we decided to stay Old School.

In fact, our new "Going Boldly" vignette was originally written four years ago to do double-duty--or maybe even triple-duty: it was going to be the roll-out of the "new" Phase II-style Enterprise; it was going to be the roll out of our new Phase II series moniker; and it was going to be an epilogue to "Blood and Fire"--where we see a funeral for Lieutenant Alex Freeman--and we see the Enterprise being repaired after the beating it took in that episode.

Of course, you all know what finally happened: we cancelled (well, postponed, it turns out) our plans to roll out a new Enterprise, and we shot "Enemy: Starfleet," "The Child," "Kitumba," "The Protracted Man" and "Mind-Sifter" with our same ol TOS Enterprise. We swiched our series name to Phase II without much fanfare, and our recently-shot "Going Boldly" vignette, although left largely intact from when it was written four years ago, was changed from being a memorial service specifically for Lieutenant Alex Freeman to being a more generic memorial service for a number of Phase II crew, real and imaginary, who have recently passed away.

Candidly, I don't think I'm really betraying any confidences when I say that an additional motivation for our recent change of heart regarding our switch to the Phase II Enterprise is the arrival on the scene of Star Trek Continues. With multiple TOS-era productions, we thought that, if nothing else, using the Phase II-style Enterprise would be a bid of a differentiator between our production and other TOS productions.
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