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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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One of the things I remember about this two parter, is when the Romulan's show up to stand with the UFP and Klingon Empire.
Which is really out of character for the Romulans when you stop and think about that for a moment.
Well we know the Romulans aren't above making an alliance with the Klingons, even if it was about a century ago. They've also been the most aggressive in ways towards the Dominion.

For example:

-Striking against the Founder home world (even if it was initiated/controlled by an imposter)

-Equipping the Federation (of all factions) with a cloaking device upon one of their most powerful ships (the Defiant) to spy on them, though one could argue that they'd rather let the Federation do the leg work here.

-They plotted to destroy the wormhole once (in 'Visionary'), risking the ire of the Federation to ensure that the Dominion couldn't reach the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

If anything, it seems to make sense that the Romulans were acting in character, despite their usual antagonistic stance towards the Federation.
In addition to the fact, that they made it clear when they showed up, they weren't there as Federation Allies, but, ratehr they were there for their own benefit, to stop the threat before it could come to their front door step
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