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Re: Robert e Howard,Edgar rice Burroughs & H.P.lovecraft comics & book

JD wrote: View Post
So do you guys think there's any chance the Del-Toro, Cameron, Cruise At the Mountains of Madness would have been any good?
Absolutely. Del Toro said in an interview that he wanted it to be so faithful he'd be including the albino penguins.

And a faithful Mountains of Madness adaption by the director of Pan's Labyrinth, flush with Avatar money to make it happen? That could very easily have been fantastic and was for a while my most anticipated film.

Gaith wrote: View Post
I think the whole forgotten environment/horrific beasties thing was still done fairly recently by PJ's Kong (which would have been great in 3D, now that I think of it), and while I don't love that movie, between it and Prometheus, I'm not too upset over the project's demise.
The Mountains of Madness novella isn't much like King Kong or Prometheus, to be honest.
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