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Re: Why Did Gene drop Christopher Pike?

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More interesting to me was the whole kerfulffle over Number One and Spock, both of whom NBC wanted GONE post haste. GR could only save one, and almost had to chose the alien for story reasons.
No, that was the story Gene Roddenberry made up to make himself look better. In fact, NBC had no problem what-so-ever with the character of Number One. What they wanted was for Roddenberry to recast the role. They didn't think Majel Barrett was a very good actress and, more importantly, they didn't want the producer's mistress in a starring role. Roddenberry wasn't willing to recast the role and so he turned it into "NBC hates women!" story to make himself look better.
Out of curiosity, have you got a source for that?
The story is told in both Inside Star Trek: The Real Story and Gene Roddenberry: The Myth and the Man Behind Star Trek. Roddenberry frequently exaggerated and lied to make himself look better in the public eye. Combined with other factors, this leads me to suspect this version is closer to the truth.
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