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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Of course, season one's absolute worst episode is still to come, but I'll let Kirk5555 decide that for himself.
That doesn't sound good

Now, for the episodes I watched over the weekend.

The Parliament of Dreams (Babylon 5) - I liked this episode. There was some entertaining goofiness. Overall I enjoyed the episode. The assassain parts were my favorite. I'm not too interested in the commander's love interest, but I guess they thought he really needed one.

Mind War (Babylon 5) - This was a very entertaining episode. It was interesting to learn more about the psi-corps. Walter Koenig played a great role, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a star Trek fan I'm pretty sure he makes more appearances, which is cool. Bester is an interesting character.

They've Got a Secret (Farscape) - i really enjoyed this episode, and it actually kind of made me change my opinion on DNA Mad Scientist a bit. I still think that episode went a bit dark and I'm still not sure what Zhaan's motivation was to help them remove pilots arm (I get she misses home, but enough to maim pilot?) but, learning about D'argo's past helps make his motivation more clear beyond him doing it because he's just vicious. I think that, while the actions in DNA MS were shocking, I was probably a bit hard on the characters. It still seemed a bit too much, but I think this episode helped put it in persepective. As for the plot overall, it was good, although Moya's baby is a weird idea and I think its going to become a way for writers to make excuses as to why the ship can't do things it should be able to, I don't think it will really go anywhere, but I could be wrong.

Till the blood Runs Clear - This was an ok episode, but thats it. The plot was not amazing, although it had some good parts. It just seemed like another way to screw over John. Also, the thing with Zhaan was funny the first time, but they kind of over did it.

At this point in my watching of the series, I'm enjoying both of them, but I'd say I'm enjoying farscape more. B5 isn't bad by any stretch, I like it, but if I had to choose only one at this point, it would be Farscape. I'm still excited to watch more episodes of both shows.
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