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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

119. Stealth (F)

Stealth: So, the movie stars a white man, a black man, and a white woman. Points if you can figure out which one is killed, which two are paired romantically, and which one is promiscuous. Of course, this sort of conservatism doesn't even begin to cover the stupidity here. In a rational universe, the events of the movie would result in World War III, but this being a jingoistic ode to militarism in the age of the war on terror (which, of course, is best fought by supersonic jets with heavy weaponry -- honestly, it shocks me that this was funded by a major studio and not Boeing), the white American heroes get away with their lives and are lauded as heroes. My favorite cut might be when the heroes go from being on the North Korean side of the DMZ, which they have laid waste to, to being alive and well on their aircraft carrier in the Philippine Sea. Since it's set in the near future, we can assume that land mines no longer exist (and that the South Koreans would accept the Americans who had jeopardized their fragile peace with wanton killing and destruction with open arms).

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