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Re: Still no covers for Cold Equations??

Thrawn wrote: View Post
How far have you gotten so far, Sho?
Oh geez .

I'm complete on SCE, and I'm complete on the DS9 relaunch until "the gap". I've read Articles of the Federation. But as far as TNG goes, I'm only as far as having read Diplomatic Implausibility. That's right, I'm in a position some of you may even envy: I haven't read Destiny yet and have only a very sketchy idea of what it is about (Borg invasion, time travel, introduction of the Aventine). I still get to read it for the very first time!

And then I made the "mistake" (quotes since I'm actually enjoying it!) of jumping into Vanguard for some instant gratification instead of facing up to the daunting task of catching up with the main continuity. Once I'm through with those (almost done, missing review threads soon!) I'm going to have to finally start with A Time To ..., and no, I'm too much of a completionist to skip the first six nobody likes. My mission then is to catch up with TNG and DS9, but branch off to Titan at the appropriate time, perhaps in publishing order. I know the Voyager stuff is awesome but I'll probably ignore it for now because it seems to be off doing its own thing, so I can revisit it later.

Now, I'm a reasonably fast reader ... when I actually find the time to read, which is mostly brief windows in bed before going to sleep. So it does take me a while ... I wish I had a dreadfully long commute on a bus or something!

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It would make a certain amount of sense to make Cold Equations an entry-point, since they'll be the only novels under the TNG banner released during the show's 25th anniversary year.
That, and the Blu-ray re-release might inspire some old time readers to go shopping for TNG novels again.
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