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Re: Star Trek Continues - First Vignette Released

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And just to make sure everyone knows that T'Bonz and I are on the same moderation page....

When people weigh-in--and weighing-in is the very point of these Internet forums and boards--people need to comment with greater civility and politeness.

Folks need to be mindful that when taking a contrary position to someone, the original poster is likely to feel condemned or attacked or criticized or opressed--no matter how politely the contrary position is expressed. "How dare you disagree with me! Expressing a contrary position is an affront to my opinion!"

On the other hand, the original poster needs a bit of thicker skin. People will disagree--and that's fine. Having a contrary opinion is not inherently dismissive of your opinion; it's merely contrary.


1. Express contrary positions politely with sensitivity.

2. Don't be surprised or insulted when someone expresses a position contrary to yours.
Agreed on all points. What irked me was the, "So how is Ajax coming....or NOT? ". Aluding that we are accomplishing nothing...and laughing about it... I have very little patience for trolls...I know I should ignore them and not feed them...but this was a personal barb against our production and without merit.

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