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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Apologies if I missed it previously, but what, then, would you consider a reasonable price to be, and what basis would you use to determine such a price? I'm used to CDs costing at least $10, so that would make $150 reasonable...and that's using a minimum calculation.
The standard price for a CD from the soundtrack labels is $19.99. They're smaller, independent outfits catering to a niche audience and that dictates the price. And I've only seen $10 CDs from internet retailers or in used bins - but almost never do I see titles from the small labels going that low unless they had to clear inventory.

The difference in price preception here is marked by the two targets: Star Trek Only fans and film score fans (there are plenty of Trek/Score fans, but I put them under the score banner in this case). Film score fans are mostly okay with the price, or at least understand it, even if they can't afford it. The general attutude of those who can't afford it is "great set and it's reasonble, but still too rich for me." Star Trek Only fans think it's too much money for the music and are upset either at the label or Paramount for price gouging and taking advantage of fans. This couldn't be more wrong.

As a person who loves film scores and have been buying them most of my life, I'm more than aware and used to the price requirements to get these things done and out to the public. It's either $200+ or it ain't coming out. They're not aiming for the casual fan who knows the Amok Time fight music and thinks everything else is recycled material. This set will no doubt sell well, which would be a rarity, since box sets of this size rarely turn a profit for the labels. It's a risk and sometimes they take a bath. Will they at least break even? Hopefully yes. I'm hoping they make a big chunk o'profit, because that makes future releases possible.

Sure, it would be easier for the consumer if they split them up and allowed folks to pick and choose. But God forbid set 2 doesn't do well. Set 3's release would be in danger. No thanks, I'd rather have the high price tag I have to save for, because then I am secure in the knowledge that everything is released.

But that's just me.
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