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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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Thanks for the responses.

It will be interesting to see how all the dreams/prophecies play out in the books.

I am at the part in the books where Robb executes Lord Karstark. Things are unraveling for Robb quickly it seems. I personally wanted to reach into the books and smack him. His honor is going to kill him. Plus, him sticking Grey Wind outside to make Jayne's family feel better irked me to no end.

He and Cat have put him into quite the situation. The Freys have left and are plotting I am sure. The one remaining Karstark is not likely to remain loyal. The Boltons are up to something, and the Iron Born are in the North. (Personal obervation - I don't give a flying fig newton about the Iron Born. They just bore me.)
I'm of the same opinion of the Iron Born myself. They just strike me as the bullies. Their words even say it for them "we do not sow", meaning we take what we think is ours and piss on the rest. I like the concept of "iron price" vs "gold price", but they take it a bit to extremes.

Arya's time with the Brotherhood has been interesting, but I can't help but feel that in the end, it won't be important. Unless, somehow Gendry gets put on the Iron Throne.
The Brotherhood keeps popping up on occasion. They seem to be one of those tiny little lynch-pins around which certain things revolve. They're kind of interesting to watch. They are outlaws, after a fashion, but they strike me more as Robin Hood types, still loyal to a dead king.

Sansa, bless her is just a brood mare. Perhaps that is too harsh, but she always fails to see the bigger picture around her. Granted I think she would make any okay queen because she can run around looking nice and being benevolent. But, the girl never can see the forest for the trees. I hope she wises up some more.
Oh, she will. I won't ruin from you, but she will start getting lessons in the Game of Thrones by an exemplary teacher before long.

Poor Sansa. She is a bit clueless and, unfortunately, the HBO show doesn't really do her justice. Most of her story is internalized, as she has nobody really to talk to in King's Landing and that's difficult to convey in a visual medium. She's very young, and she's beset on all sides by vipers and sharks who have been manipulating and maneuvering for years. She's clearly out-classed, and she knows it too. She's in pure survival mode. I don't think she's completely naive, but I do think she wants people to think of her as such, purely as a defense mechanism. If you show that you know what you're doing, all of a sudden you become a player and, hence, a threat.

The Starks just need to marry her off the the one remaining Karstark to bring them back in the fold and start the production line on more Starks/Karstarks.
Eh...well...this one goes a little sideways. You'll see...

So, dragon glass kills the Others. Fascinating.
Because Dragons are of fire and the Others are of ice. They are anathema. Wait till you read about obsidian candles.

Also, Jon using Ghost as a hairy chastity belt just made me giggle. Got to love Ygritte. She is the best thing that has ever happened to to Jon Snow.
Yes, she is. But you know, the Men of the Watch cannot keep brides...
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