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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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Macross would be expensive to get over here and dubbed. One because they are probably asking for a bunch of money, and two...Robotech. It has been said that as long as Harmony Gold owns Robotech, they will be able to keep out any dubbing of new Macross series. I'm not entirely sure that is true, but that is what is been said.
There's three main reasons why Macross stuff will never come out here: 1) the music rights make it too expensive, 2) Harmony Gold trademarked Macross in the west (so I'm told) and force the Japanese to go through them, and 3) the DVD boxset release of SDF Macross as Macross didn't do too well in the US.

The only other option, aside from finding it online someplace to watch (and it is out there), is to wait until it gets a North American release. But that will take a while since it will be some time before the series finishes at this rate (I'm guessing the series will finish around October 2013 at the current rate of release). No telling if it would get a dub or not.
Well, Funimation licensed the last Yamato film to be made before 2199, so there's a chance that it could get over here. Plus the company that produced Starblazers is apparently a major production partner in 2199, so it seems like a possibility that the Japanese planned for from the beginning.
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