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Re: Cast The Inevitable Batman Reboot

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^Seriously, can you not speak English? <snip>
Oh, now we're starting with the absurd insults, I love this part. No, I'm obviously speaking Marsian, can't you tell?

You know, it would have been much simpler if you just clarified straight away that you meant only the character, not the actor, instead of jumping straight to ranting and insults? Despite the whole discussion starting with a poster's statement about the actor... not the character, nobody mentioned that before you, so you can see how someone may get confused thinking that you were referring to the actor when you said you reluctantly agreed with the previous poster, who stated that the actor had to be under 30, not the character. Maybe in your advance knowledge of English (probably English from the future) it makes sense to say you're agree with something nobody has mentioned before you.

Here's a hint: discussions generally tend to go better when you don't immediately start attacking the other person and writing things like "Thank you for completely misreading everything I said!", "Did you even read what I wrote" etc. And here's another hint: if someone has misunderstood you, it may actually be - shock, horror! - because you haven't explained yourself well. You may try to do it better. Or is that too complicated for you? I know insults are much easier.

'He' is you. is that also too complicated for you?
Yes, it is really too complicated to imagine why you would assume that I've had a sex change operation since joining TrekBBS and must have forgotten to update my details.
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